25+ Tutorials on How to boost the performance of your WooCommerce store

Having worked on numerous Wordpress & WooCommerce sites over the last years, I have tried almost everything to speed up and improve page rendering times. Here I will share my key findings with you, put together into 25 tutorials. I hope they help you to achieve a fast, performant and easily maintainable WooCommerce store. This is the Tutorial overview and introduction. Read more →


Setting up WordPress & WooCommerce with Composer

This is part 1 of my article series 25+ Tutorials on How to boost the performance of your WooCommerce store. This article focuses on the initial project setup of your Wordpress & Woocommerce store. Your main benefit of creating your project structure this way is that you will be able to update Wordpress, all of its Plugins and Themes with a single command in your Terminal. It's faster, more simple and gives you full control over each major and minor version in use. You will be able to revert a single plugin, keep track of core modifications you make and take advantage of the whole Packagist and WPackagist universe in your Wordpress & WooCommerce store. Read more →