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How to fix common problems with Laravel Valet

Laravel's Valet is amazing. It makes setting up a new PHP Projects on macOS as easy as creating a folder. Valet has many advantages over for example Docker, as it has less overhead. No need to download images, no need to build them, no additional disk space is blocked by all the VM images, containers so on and so forth. Valet also takes advantage of your full CPU power as it doesn't have to share resources with a parent slash host OS. Of course, Docker has many advantages, too. In this article, however, we won't look at the things that make each of them stand out – instead I want to list all of those smaller and bigger problems one can run into when using Valet in your day to day web development. And of course how to fix them. Read more →


Build & Watch SASS files and other frontend assets with PHP

I use NodeJS, its package manager NPM, and even NVM to install different versions of NPM in many projects to build frontend assets. My recurring use case is: compile some SASS files into CSS, join some files, minify the output, copy fonts and icon fonts, pre-compress static assets, and so on. I am familiar with helper tools like Grunt and Gulp to set up these tasks. In a recent PHP project, I tried to avoid the use of NodeJS/NPM. I was surprised how easy it is to achieve the same results with nothing but plain old PHP. Read more →