Erik Pöhler

Full-Stack Developer
Location: Berlin
Phone: +49 151 71298919
Skype: iroybot
Other profiles: LinkedIn

Hi, my name is Erik Pöhler and I am a full-stack web developer from Berlin, Germany currently living in Mexico City.
I have a degree in Graphic Design and 10 years of experience in webdesign, frontend and backend development.
I speak Spanish, English and German.

My specialties are E-Commerce, Netsuite and Pipedrive CRM implementations, Frontend and Backend-development with PHP7 (Zend Framework, Zend Expressive), API creation, MySQL, Doctrine ORM HTML5, CSS3, SASS, responsive webdesign with Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, XML & XSLT, Web Services (SOAP, REST), transactional Emails and Payment Gateways.

I have created websites and built online shops with custom PHP7, Craft CMS, Adobe CQ5, Magento, Alice & Bob, WordPress, WooCommerce and Joomla!.
I implement custom Netsuite CRM and Pipedrive Sales CRM solutions for companies in the retail and service sector. Finally, I also make mobile applications with Apache Cordova, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

I prefer working with Mac OS. For version control I use Git, Subversion or Mercurial. For dependency management I use composer. Fot agile development and issue tracking I work with JIRA or Redmine. For code deployments and continuous integration I use Gulp, Capistrano and Jenkins.


PHP Strengths: Doctrine ORM, OOP PHP7 programming, PSR-7, Design Patterns, MVC, CRUD models, PDO, E-Commerce Development, Web Services (OAuth, SOAP, REST), APIs, Intranets, Extranets, XSLT Frontends, DOMDocument, XPath, Internatioalization I18N, Loalization, Memcached, OPC Caches, Crawlers, high-performance and high-traffic oriented development.

PHP Frameworks: Zend Framework, Zend Expressive, Yii, Symfony

Frontend Technologies: Vue.js, DOM, (X)HTML, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, CSS3, SASS, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, JSONP, SEO, Rich Snippets, React.js, Angular.js, Moment.js, webfonts, icon font creation, design expertise.
Databases: MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, (custom flatfile solutions: CSV, XML, JSON)
E-commerce Platforms: CraftCommerce, Magento, Alice & Bob, WooCommerce (WordPress), MageBridge for Joomla!, PrestaShop, custom PHP solutions

Content Management: Adobe CQ5 (Adobe AEM), CraftCMS, WordPress, Joomla!, K2 (Joomla!), Wiki.js (no longer in use: Typo3, Weblication, Weblication GRID, Ghost, pyroCMS)

Customer Relationship Management: Netsuite (SuiteTalk, SuiteScript, RESTlets), Pipedrive Sales CRM, SugarCRM (basic)

Email Delivery: Mailchimp, Mandrill, SparkPost, Microsoft Outlook API, Zoho

Code Quality: PHP CodeSniffer (PSR), HTML Tidy, JSLint, CSSLint, Google Closure Compiler, Minify, Uglify, etc.

Dependency Management: Composer

Versioning: Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Github, Bitbucket

Issue Tracking: Atlassian JIRA, Redmine, Trac

Software Management and Automation: Capistrano (100%), Maven, Jenkins, Gulp

Servers: Apache and Nginx including administration on Rackspace, Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, Amazon CloudFront, MageMojo, Manage SSL Certificates, Make, Build, SSH, SSH2, SCP

Operating Systems: macOS X, Ubuntu, CentOS, Linux, Unix (iOS, Android, Windows Phone for smartphones)

Software: Adobe Creative Cloud (especially Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator), Eclipse IDE, Zend Studio, PhpStorm, PoEdit, TextMate, Sequel Pro, RazorSQL, MySQL Workbench, Postman, Charles Webdebugging Proxy, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, XCode, Android Studio, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android Browser, Homebrew, Laravel Homestead, Vagrant, VirtualBox, TeamViewer, FileZilla, Cyberduck, Glyphs Webfont Editor


Independent Full-Stack Developer

November 2017 - Present

Since November 2017 I am working as an independent Fullstack Developer for consulting companies and agencies such as Soliant Consulting. Rockstar Coders and more...

Projects include a Zend Expressive-based customer backend for Inter Markets, another Zend Expressive-based Monitoring and NLP & ML tool for the government of the State of Mexico crawling social media and hundreds of websites for relevant information, as well as a Craft CMS protoype for a large Cinema chain in Mexico.

Responsabilities: Intranet development with Doctrine, Zend Expressive, MySQL.

Technologies used: Craft CMS Pro, Doctrine ORM, PHP7, Zend Expressive, Docker, jQuery, Linux, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, Apache, Nginx

Technology Manager

August 2016 - November, 2017
Mexico City, Mexico

Virket Group runs a Call-Center and provides IT-Services to thei customers. Find projects below.

Technology Manager

At Virket Group, Mexico City I am responsable for the automation of all backoffice processes for GoDaddy's "We do it for you" website design and ecommerce product line.
GoDaddy offers to their customers in México, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Perú website and ecommerce packages which include domain and webhosting and is realized by Virket. After an initial intreview with the client their websites go online in 7 to 10 days. I used Zend Expressive to create a Middleware which can render and send transactional emails, receives and updates orders from Pipedrive and pushes customer, order and progress information to Netsuite in realtime. Once this information is in Netsuite, Support Tickets are created automatically which are used by different departments such as QA, Design, Development for each stage of the production process. A set of highly customized SuiteScripts makes sure the production process runs smoothly until the customers website goes online. This backoffice automation makes use of various platforms, APIs and Webhooks:
Virket Middleware order intake, email delivery API, monitoring, KPIs and reports.
Netsuite CRM customer and order synchronization (RESTlet) and website production steps via customized support tickets (SuiteScripts) plus communication towards Middleware and Pipedrive.
Pipedrive Sales CRM for the order intake - but also receives updates from Netsuite and the Middleware.
Calendly to schedule the call center agenda (accross 5 timezones) - here I had to anonymize data to prevent customer information being sent to Google Calendar.
Microsoft Outlook API to send pre-rendered transactional HTML emails.

Responsabilities: End-to-end solution for all B2B and B2C processes in Netsuite and implementation of other third party services. Create and customize the website production workflow inside of Netsuite. IT security. Create a middleware to facilitate tasks such as email delivery, monitoring, visualize KPIs and create meaningful performance reports (using charts, diagrams and calendars) and list views of data, implement an easy-to-use scheduling system for outbound calls for multiple call centers and 5 different timezones. Server, database and application maintenance as well as to make improvements to existing codebase. Application documentation, interviewing and filtering developers for HR, developer trainings.
Technologies used: Netsuite RESTlet, Netsuite SuiteScript, PHP7, Zend Expressive, Messaging Queue, Capistrano, Wiki.js, Linux, MySQL, REST web services, APIs and Webhooks, XML, MVC, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, Apache, cronjobs

Technology Manager

Izzi telecom is one of Mexico's largest telecommunications provider (internet, TV, phones). To their business customers in Mexico they now offer basic microsites which are delivered by Virket. I customized a simplified website production workflow inside Netsuite CRM similar to the solution made prior for GoDaddy. Once we receive the clients information, customized support tickets are created in Netsuite for each production stage. An external admin and customer panel receives Notifications from Netsuite whenever the production progress advances to the next stage in order to make the progress transparent to Izzi and their customers.

Technologies used: Netsuite RESTlet, Netsuite SuiteScript, REST web services, APIs

Senior PHP E-commerce Developer

August 2015 - August 2016
Mexico City, Mexico

Linio is one of the biggest online retail stores in Central and Latin America, and was founded in 2011. Today Linio exists in Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Panama, Venezuela and Colombia.

Since Linio is coming out of the Rocket Internet AG startup incubator it uses the Alice & Bob infrastructure that I have worked with at Dafiti before. I have been assigned to the payment method department.

Responsabilities: I have been in charge of maintenance and improvements to existing payment provider implementations as well as develop new implementations for payment providers for their respective markets. I also worked on an API used from an IVR which enables the customer to enter their credit card information via keypad to protect this information.
For another couple of months I made improvements to the invoicing logic and extended it to support returns, partial returns, etc. where the initial invoice needs to be canceled for the whole order and re-generated for the updated order products.
All programming had to be done in compliance with PSR-4 coding standard.

Technologies used: PHP7, XML, Zend Framework, Zend Expressive, Symfony, Composer, Capistrano, MySQL, Alice & Bob, Yii Framework, CSS3, Javascript, Secure Web Services (WS-Security), Web Services (SOAP, REST), Nginx, Apache, Cronjobs, Eclipse IDE

NA-AT Technologies

Project Manager, Senior PHP Developer

April 2013 - June 2015
Mexico City, Mexico

For NA-AT Technologies an IT Service Provider in Mexico City I have been working for their clients Televisa, MetLife and Finsol. Find detailed descriptions below.


Mobile App Developer (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

For NA-AT Technologies I developed MetLife's first mobile application for Latin America. The App gives users a simple directory of nearby doctors and hospitals by area of expertise and based on the current position. It also shows your current plan and status of your subscription. An additional glossary of illnesses and terms rounds up this small application.

Responsabilities: build and compile a mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone in compliance with the styleguide and functionality specifications. Make sure the appearance is correct accross platforms, screen resolutions, and aspect ratios of devices. Test functionality accross a large number of smartphones.

Technologies used: Apache Cordova, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, CSS3, Bootstrap, SQLite, XCode, Android Studio, iOS, Android


Project Manager

Televisa is one of the largest TV stations and TV program producer in Latin America. For NA-AT Technologies I was coordinating frontend development and design team deliveries to Televisa departments for numerous Televisa projects. This was partly on-site in Televisa Santa Fe and Televisa Chapultepec offices as well as NA-AT Technologies headquarter in the state of Mexico where some developers have been working remotely for Televisa.
These deliveries had to be coordinated with Design, Technology and Mobile Development Departments on the Televisa side. On NA-AT Technologies side, I needed to plan on how many resources would be needed to deliver on time. When building teams and finding suitable candidates for these teams, we needed to contract new designers and developers - which I also was reviewing and filtering before passing their profiles to Televisa's team leaders.

Responsabilities: Plan delivery dates for multiple Televisa website projects for FIFA Copa Mundial 2013, Concacaf 2013, Copa Oro 2013, Televisa Noticieros, Televisa Deportes and Televisa Corporativo.
Choose, interview, and filter candidates for Televisa that would be assigned to Design and Development departments.
Review the code of deliveries and make improvement suggestions.
Coordinate deliveries with other 3rd party IT service contractors of Televisa.
Assist the developers in all three locations with their deliveries.
Search and find suitable Adobe CQ5 consultants Adobe CQ5 specialists for Televisa.
Work on code improvements for Televisa Deportes - introducing Bootstrap and SASS to avoid redundancies.

Technologies used: Adobe CQ5, Televisa Galaxy, Maven, PHP7, Gulp, XML & XSLT, Bootstrap, CSS3, SASS, Zend Framework

Dafiti / ösom

Senior PHP E-commerce Developer

March 2012 - March 2013
Mexico City, Mexico

I started working with Dafiti (now ösom) when it was founded in March 2012 to help setup the proprietary shopping platform (Alice & Bob) and to make critical soft- and hardlaunch phases a success. Like Linio, Dafiti is a startup from the Rocket Internet AG incubator.
That said I implemented payment methods for the mexican market such as PayPal and Amex. I added targeting, retargeting and affiliate programs and generated product catalog exports and filtered exports for use with 3rd party ad-banner programs and price-comparison sites.
My biggest achievement for Dafiti was the connection of the shopping platform to Netsuite CRM. This was a coordinated effort where Netsoft a mexican Netsuite implementor was responsible for adjustments and configurations inside Netsuite. My responsibility was to send and receive order and customer information, shipping status changes, payment status changes from Alice & Bob to Netsuite CRM and vice versa in realtime.

Responsabilities: Setup and launch of the shopping platform, frontend and backend customizations, implement new payment methods, implement marketing, targeting and retargeting providers, product catalog exports.
Connect the shopping platform to Netsuite CRM in close coordination with accounting department, the warehouse manager and Netsoft who did SuiteScript customizations inside of Netsuite. Provide order information and analysis to support staff.

Technologies used: Netsuite, Netsuite SOAP web service, Alice & Bob, Yii Framework, Zend Framework, web services, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL, CSS, HTML, Eclipse IDE, Git, Svn, cronjobs

NA-AT Technologies

Project Manager, Senior PHP Developer

January 2012 - March 2012
Mexico City, Mexico

For NA-AT Technologies an IT Service Provider in Mexico City I have been working for their clients Televisa, MetLife and Finsol. Find detailed descriptions below.

El Financiero

Senior PHP Web Developer

3 month project assignment for NA-AT Technologies to assist with the re-launch of the newspapers website with Joomla! CMS. Server administration and setup of staging and production environments. Develop Joomla! modules for various frontend views like news articles lists, banners, and photo sliders.

Technologies used: Joomla! CMS, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Subversion, MySQL, CodeIgniter Framework, Linux

Royal Holiday Vacation Club

Senior PHP Web Developer

November 2010 - July 2011
Mexico City, Mexico

For Royal Holiday Vacation Club and Park Royal Hotels in Mexico, I worked on the relaunch of their website with modern, SEO friendly technologies like XHTML and CSS.

Responsabilities: Relaunch a multilingual and multiregional website for Royal Holiday which not only allows translations but also different contents for different each market.
Add a live chat to the website and configure the chat to match the language of the visitor.
Create an admin panel (backend) which allows editors to add, edit and manage all kinds of contents such as hotels, their characteristics, destinations, activities offered, all translations as well as upload images, etc. Connect the website to a time share system which allows to validate the availability of rooms accross hotels according to the size of the requested amount of adults and kids. Create visually appealing hotel searches with filtering options based on the characteristics of the amenities. Add caching mechanisms to speed up loading times and avoid database accesses where possible. Distribute tasks among the team which consisted of database admin, developers and designers.

Technologies used: Zend Framework (backend), onsite SEO, XML & XSLT based frontend, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, web services, Apache, Linux, Minify, XSLTCache

Navigate AG

PHP Web Developer

September 2008 - November 2010
Karlsruhe, Germany

Web development for various content management systems such as WordPress, TYPO3, Weblication Enterprise and Weblication GRID. Custom OOP Solutions or extensions for these CMSs (XML, XSLT, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, XHTML). Porting Photoshop designs into CMS templates. Corporate web sites, Intranets, Extranets for a wide range of clients from publishing houses, pharmaceutical manufacturers, hotels, or power tools manufacturers. Maintenance of existing websites.

Technologies used: XML & XSLT, PHP, OOP, MVC, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, SEO

Clinix, IQAir

Webmaster / Web Developer

January 2008 - September 2008
Los Angeles, USA

IQAir North America is the exclusive distributor for industry grade air cleaners and air filters used in hospitals and private homes to filter gases, particles and odors from the air. Manufacturing is done in Rohrschach, Switzerland by Clinix GmbH.

I joined the IQAir marketing department in Los Angeles as a webmaster in order to maintain and further develop the companies' websites.
Other responsabilities included supporting authorized dealers and retailers with image material, manuals and help them integrate Infomercials into their CMS or shopping platforms.
I created an interactive "help me choose" product guide andd connected the website with Netsuite Web Forms which allowed to directly create leads in Netsuite whenever a visitor fills out a contact form or orders a product in the online shop section. For the 2008 Olympics in Beijing I created a microsite which was intended to promote the companies involvement and support for the US teams.

Technologies used: CSS, XHTML, Javascript, AJAX, PHP, Netsuite WebForms.


Graphic Designer

Alois Senefelder Vocational School

2006 - 2008
Munich, Germany

I graduated my professional training with a Degree in Graphic Design, licensed by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).
The professional training in Germany is divided into theoretical and practical training. I chose a publishing house for the practical training where I could learn both print and online graphic design.


Alois Senefelder Vocational School

2001 - 2003
Munich, Germany

I left the school before graduating.

Artist / Designer

Technical College of Arts and Design

1999 - 2001
Munich, Germany

I left the college before graduating.

Mittlere Reife (High School Diploma)

Finsterwalder Secondary School

1991 - 2001
Rosenheim, Germany

I graduated with a "Mittlere Reife" (High School) Diploma in the fields maths and sciences.

Projects & Achievements

Folderblog 4.0



Folderblog is a simple image gallery script written in PHP. It has an admin panel for uploading images, creating categories and editing image titles and descriptions.
It does not require a database and allows for theming using XSLT templates. It is very SEO friendly and fast, comes with it's own HTML page for every image (to facilitate sharing) works with and without Javascript.
Requirements: PHP5+, mod_rewrite enabled, GD or ImageMagick enabled and libxml and xsl enabled.

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