Netsuite and Pipedrive CRM Integrations

Netsuite Experience

I have worked on many Netsuite projects since 2008. The first iteration connected the websites contact form with Netsuite to create leads, that could be attended by support staff. I also used basic shopping functionality offered by Netsuite and built a custom standalone-design which made use of the Netsuite shop by posting to its forms.

Ever since that first project, I made integrations for high-traffic online shops, including historical data imports, SOAP and REST(let) connections for realtime product, order, and warehouse management including connections to Netsuite such as shipping providers, including printing and scanning picking and packing slips, generating invoices, and more.

How I can help

These were big projects where integrations had to be coordinated with the CEO, accounting and warehouse directors. Project requirements included realtime processing in both directions – for example: stock updates on customer returns and receipt of supplier orders from Netsuite to the CMS.

  • I have worked with:
  • Messaging Queues (Rabbit MQ, Database Queues)
  • Netsuite DB access,
  • Workflows
  • Netsuite SOAP
  • SuiteScript 1.0
  • SuiteScript 2.0
  • RESTlets
  • Netsuite Commerce
  • Multiple Staging Environments
  • and more…

Pipedrive CRM Experience

I enjoy working with Pipedrive due to its excellent interface and connectivity via API and Webhooks. I have both configured Pipedrive for clients as well as integrated Pipedrive into proprietary platforms and middlewares.

How I can help

  • Find the right CRM for you
  • Plan integrations
  • Create proof-of-concepts
  • Integrate the CRM with middlewares, shopping or content management platforms
  • Product Information Management Solutions
  • Digital Asset Management Solutions
  • B2C Order-Intake
  • Customer Support
  • Add Payment Processing to the CRM
  • Create complex pricing matrixes for B2C and B2B
  • Security and GDPR compliance (fully or partly anonymised sync)