Back to the roots

About 15 years ago, I started my professional career as a web designer and web developer – after having gloriously failed many other attempts in making a living or to conclude a higher education. I first stumbled upon HTML & CSS when trying to create an online image gallery to present my work as a photographers' apprentice. I got hooked and started to learn and experiment in my free time. Shortly after, I was introduced to PHP as well, first folderblog a gallery script by Donald Tetto, and then to Wordpress so I decided to start blogging.

That was in 2005. Now it's 2020, and it's time again to do some serious blogging. And again I will be using Wordpress for that. Thanks to Wordpress I got to know a mexican girl who commented on my blog in 2005, who later became my girlfriend and with whom I moved together in Mexico City in 2010.

It took me quite some time to actually become a "real" programmer and grow professionally – I did exactly that, and I did that as a professional career, primarily by learning from work colleagues, but also by fearlessly accepting challenges one size too big. And although has been important to get me started in the PHP programming language, as responsibilities grew and priorities shifted, I didn't find the time to write, publish or design my own Wordpress site anymore.

To show my appreciation for the role that Wordpress played in the beginning of my professional career, I'll be loyal to the platform, and try to give something back to its user community. Not to mention that Wordpress has slightly improved over the years and that I accidentally happen to work at a company in Berlin now, which uses Wordpress for their retail online stores. Having said that, there's always some new finding, improvement or development we do on our WooCommerce and Wordpress sites that is worth sharing with the world.