Full Import/Export Profiles for Shopware 6

The Shopware 6 Importer/Exporter comes with pre-made default profiles. Unfortunately, these default profiles do not include all possible fields and columns. Because adding each mapping and column one by one in the backend is pretty slow, it’s easier to just run the following two queries. After that, you will have full profiles including all available fields.

Download Shopware 6: Customer & Guest Profile 62a1d39fb1b4c580f1917d0637ed5c22412a39d1.zip (2 KB) (see the gist)

Download Shopware 6: Product Profile 93cc03090abfe86b5dfaaa42be36cb5c9553e7ac.zip (2 KB) (see the gist)

After executing these two queries against your DB, you might need to manually name the new profiles and switch languages to make sure they are named in all backend languages and save it.

Also, you should review that the mapping is correct, before using the new profiles in CSV imports/exports.